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Corfu Sightseeing Corfu Town | Angela Hotel in Corfu Gouvia

Corfu Town is the capital of the prefecture of Corfu and the Ionian islands. Located in the central part of the island of Corfu in the eastern coast. Its population according to the 2011 census is 24,838 residents. Corfu Town is characterized by the Venetian elements, but also by many English and French influences. It is a cosmopolitan city that conveys a sense of nobility, with the main attractions the great Esplanade Square, which is the largest square in the Balkans, the Old and New Fortress, the Town Hall (Theatre San Giacomo), Cannon, Mon Repo and Museums Byzantine and Post-Byzantine history.

Spiniada Square
Spianada Square is the largest square in Greece. Located across from the old fortress and surrounded by impressive buildings such as the English palace and the Liston building. Much of the square is covered by grass and used as golf cricket ground.

The old fort
The old fort is the first piece of Corfu facing the visitor approaching to the island. Located opposite the Esplanade Square and it is separated from the city by an artificial moat. It was built by the Venetians in the 13th century and was strengthened during the Turkish-Venetian war in 1570.

The new Fortress
The new fort was built by the Venetians in 1570 in order to strengt the defense of the city during the period of Turkish-Venice war.It has impressive gates and constitutes the western boundary of the city.