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Corfu Sightseeing Pontikonisi | Angela Hotel in Corfu Gouvia

The Mouse island (pontikonisi) is the trademark of Corfu. This is actually an island of rock in green. On the island there is the monastery of Pantokrator and a cafe, which opens in summer.The last years there have been build a pier so boats van moor safely.

According to mythology, the island was the ship of Odysseus, which god Poseidon turned to rock in the storm that led to the sinking of the island of Corfu (Kerkyra), shortly before returning to Ithaca (home of Odysseus). Today the island can be visited at Easter. From the cannon located just across the island, boats pass daily from morning 9:00 until the evening at 21:00.

The day of the celebration of the Savior on August 6 made pilgrimage to the monastery, which is Byzantine. Its name is taken from its small size and is one of the most photographed sights of Corfu. It is a picturesque island in green and can be admired either of the Area of the cannon, or the island of Vlacherna.