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Corfu Sightseeing Achillion | Angela Hotel in Corfu Gouvia

The palace was built between 1889-1891 in order to house the residence of Princess Sissi of Austria-Hungary. It's name is due to Achilles, the legendary hero of the Iliad.

Based to the rumors, sissy liked Greek mythology, so the palace is decorated the with statues of twelve gods of Olympus, the 9 muses and with two statues of Achilles, of which one is on the stairs and the second in the garden .In addition, in the courtyard there are busts of ancient Greek orators and writers.

While in the inside, there are furniture carved with scenes from mythology. After the death of the Kaiser Wilhelm II purchased the palace and maintains as his summer residence until the beginning of World War II. Indeed makes a bridge that connects the palace with the beach.