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Places to Visit in Corfu, Angela Hotel & Apartments in Corfu Gouvia

The tour in the city of Corfu is the ideal recreation, especially since it is accompanied by a wealth of cultural stimuli and highly shops offering which are food, coffee or ouzo. The civilizations that crossed the area have left its characteristics and among these live, work and enjoy the today's Corfians ..

Tennis, cricket and golf, horse riding, sailing and diving schools, hiking and cycling, bird watching and anything else the visitor imagines, resident in this city ..

Traditional taverns, restaurants, taverns and fish restaurants, inspired by the centuries-old culinary tradition of Corfu, but also from the international cuisine, located in the city and its outskirts, awaiting the visitors with enticing culinary delights. The nightlife in clubs, bars and Greek Clubs, highlights what we call spree ..

The shipyard and fishing boats from the one side, the bar and club from the other. Shops for every taste. Rockan, Soul, Trans, Underground and confused in Greek shops with gardens, balconies, palm trees and crowded. Here the party lasts until morning. Anyone who enters the straight hardly gone before daybreak.But is not the only place who doesn't sleep. Similar situations exist in Gouvia and Kontokali extremely popular tourist destinations, offering visitors all the possibilities for a night spree.

Before the island wakes , you can walk to the old town, away from the tourist crowds of the day, to see the Palace and Fortresses with the first sunlight. Along with pigeons, the only walkers in alleyways you have the whole city available. Walking this time u can smell jasmine and honeysuckle rearrangement of old damp basements. The sound of the city is the whisper of secrets which for centuries kept here only the dawn come out to get drunk the unsuspecting passers.